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San Salvador – Finisterre (Location)
FinisTerrae Fisterra



Throughout the year, especially in spring and summer, hundreds of people and pilgrims come to the nearby cliffs to attend a unique spectacle: the sunsets.

From the North ends in Norway to San Vicente in Portugal, Cape Finisterre is by Far ceirtainly the most emblematic of all Land Ends of the European atlantic coast.

The mythical "Promontorium Nerium" of the legendary roman geographers, jutting into the ocean to become the authentic "Finisterrae" laden with ancient myths, legends and legendary tales. We mostly try the reach the end of the earth to experience a feeling of dominance, the vastness of the sea and set our eyes on the cliffs of granite that have witnessed historic shipwrecks and severe storms. Overlooking the west is majestic Mount Pindo, the celtic patheon of Galicia, dominating the sorrounding countryside and sliding water all the way to the placid water of the river.

The small fishing village of Fisterra lives and breathes the sea, as it revolves aound it and also depends on it. The fishing port and fish market, where they auction fish is the mainstay of the community. In town you can appreciate the fishing village atmosphere, with its small and narrow streets, balconied houses, small squares, taverns and bars where you can sample the delicious fresh fish and seafood.

Dugium is located 5 minutes in car from the following beaches:

  • Langosteira: About 3km in length, calm waters, easily accessible and many services along the beach.
  • Mar de Fora: Rustic beach situated betweeen Cape Finisterre and the Nave, open sea, bathing not advised.
  • Arnela: Small virgin beach between cliffs with irregular and diffcult access.
  • O Rostro: 2km of virgin beach, its pure nature and dune areas like no other on the atlantic. Bathing not advised.
  • Talón: Small cove situated at the height of Cape Finisterre viewpoint. Calm and clear waters.
  • Corbeiro y Ribeira: Two charming beaches located and sheltered by San Carlos castle and at the end of the pedestrian walkways.