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San Salvador – Finisterre (Location)

Coast of Death

Death has lifted a temple in a strange and lonely place. Edgar A. Poe

Magical land located within the confines of the old Europe, full of legends, old traditions and shipwrecks, with each day that passes it becomes more of a tourist attraction.

People who visit us are cast under a spell by the beauty of the coastal landscape, the wealth of historical heritage, the amount of important lighthouses, the magic of the ancient stones or by the excellent gastronomy.

Visiting the Coast of Death means the end of a path of pilgrimage to the westernmost land of the old continent, followed by thousands of people throughout history, to meet the rebirth of life, with old pagan cults. Here they are all shown in all their splendor: water, stones, sun, sea…

From the steep cliffs to the evergreen and fertile inland valleys, passing through villages or cosy sheltered sea ports with every step you take in the Coast of Death, you discover that its full of life and adventure.

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